About Us

Kshir Dhaara is a homegrown Indian Dairy Brand that focuses on enriching and forwarding the values of India Culture and cherishing India’s love for Pure Dairy products like Milk & Ghee.We are based out of the Heart of India – Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Our dairy farm is home to Desi Gir cows and buffalos who are nurtured like a child. 


Kshir Dhaara knows the importance that Milk holds in India’s history. We have been heavily dependent on Milk and not just that, for us, our Cows and Buffalos are sacred. They offer us something that keeps us healthy and fit and we worship them for being such selfless givers. Taking the same values ahead, Kshir Dhaara aims to sustain these practices and serve people with pure and organic products only. 


We are not only a Sustainable, Organic brand but are also Environmental Friendly and focus on Natural Farming. 

Kshir Dhaara is committed to providing the highest quality, healthier and value-added dairy products that meet the specific needs of our customers while contributing to a healthier society.

Our Vision:

“To be the most trusted and dependable Dairy brand in India, by providing 100% organic and pure high-quality, nutritious products that are accessible to all.”

Our Mission:

Kshir Dhaara’s mission is to promote and maintain the traditional values of India through the production of high-quality, pure dairy products. In addition, the company aims to improve the lives of Indian farmers by working closely with them and using their milk to produce our products.